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New Services & Offers


- New Piercing Packages -
Procedure + Jewellery + Aftercare

- Eyeliner Removal -
Collingwood Only

- First Time Client Offer -
25% off your first laser treatment


The Birth of Lazer Erazer

Lazer Erazer is an advanced laser tattoo removal studio.

Founded by Jade Louise in 2015 and now operated by an epic team of certified laser technicians.

We specialise in the modification and complete removal of unwanted tattoos - gently, safely and effectively.

Tattoos aren't nearly as permanent as they used to be thanks to modern and relatively speedy laser removal techniques.


Our Studios

The dream was simple – create a clinic on the forefront of laser removal technology and services, within an inclusive and familiar environment that feels just like your best mate’s place. Bright colours, lots of plants, and happy faces are always waiting to meet and treat you.

Lazer Erazer meets the Australian and New Zealand local, state and national standard for the safe and proper use of laser machines for both tattoo removal and dermatological skin care.

(STANDARD AS/NZS 4173:2018)

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