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Fractional Lazer

What is it?

Fractional Laser is conventionally used as a skin & body rejuvenation treatment, it gained popularity by fighting acne scarring, skin discolouration or any unwanted fine lines & wrinkles. Here at Lazer Erazer we are trained on how to implement the fractional laser into the treatment room to increase the efficacy of your tattoo fade without harming your precious skin.

How does it work?

This method of lasering fires microscopic channels down into the skin’s dermis (where your tattoo sits!), think of it as ‘pre-drilling or prepping’ your skin. These micro holes in the tissue allow for the release of CO2 from your tattoo. Yes! That’s right, carbon dioxide, the gas that is destroying our planet. But no don’t worry! You won’t be contributing to that here, it’s just an incredible way to create channels for better penetration of our standard method of laser removal. It also ensures that your healing time is less intense as more heat will escape the tissue. *Win win*


Who needs it?

Let’s make one thing clear, not everyone! If you are experiencing lazy ink filtration, pigmentation or textural changes, unwanted scarring or you’re getting married next year and are on a time crunch then our fractional service is perfect for you! Our technicians are all trained in effective and safe treatment with fractional lasers. If you have been thinking about coming in to learn more about speeding up your fade, then this is your sign. Reach out to your local studio today, we’d love to educate you on all things fractional!

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