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Cosmetic Aftercare Advice

What you do for the first two days post cosmetic tattoo removal, dictates how well your body will bounce back. 

Every zapper is individual and special in their own immune response – if you don’t experience an intense response akin to traditional tattoo removal, please rest assured this is not an indication of a failed treatment. The healing time on the face and head is faster than anywhere else on the body, this is due to increased blood flow to the area. Yay! This means if you do require future sessions on your tattoo, we can safely do this in 6 weeks. 

Reactions that you might experience while healing include but are not limited to: swelling, redness, dark under-eye circles (when treating cosmetic eyebrows), scabs, itchiness, changes to the colour of tattoo pigment & hair follicles, post-treatment fatigue & lethargy.

Tipe & tricks to keep you extra safe

Apply our happy healing aloe gel over the area 2-4 times a day or as needed. 

You can take anti-inflammatory medication to settle any signs of swelling.

No spas, saunas, sweaty sports & exercise for 48 hours.

Avoid contaminating the wound with other bodily fluids for 48 hours.

Avoid or limit smoking where possible for less toxins in the bloodstream, yes, vaping counts too.

Avoid chlorinated water until the area has scabbed over.

Avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks.

Avoid active ingredients in your skincare for 2 weeks.

Water is your best friend every day, but especially on your lazer day!! Drink up.

Itchiness is common and a great sign of healing – hands off! Picking and scratching can lead to scarring.

Wait until the scabs have disappeared before you conceal them with makeup or tint any of the treated areas.

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