To understand how tattoo removal works, first you need to have an idea of how tattoo ink is embedded into the skin. 
Using a tattoo machine, tattoo ink is injected into the dermis – the second layer of skin.

The tattoo ink becomes permanent as the fragments injected into the dermis are too large for your body to break down- they can however reduce in size over time, which is what leads to tattoos fading  and sometimes taking on a “blurred” appearance.


Did you know that the word LASER is actually an acronym? which stands for – Light Amplified by Simulated Emission Radiation. Light from a laser machine is collimated, which means it travels in one direction with little diversion. It is monochromatic (consisting of an attuned range of colours) and coherent (able to move in a precise and controlled manner).

Laser is designed to Generate short, high intensity pulses of light into the dermis of the skin, where the tattoo sits. These pulses travel every Pico Second (thats 0.00000000001 of a second) Understanding these functions
of a laser machine, as a technician you can use specific wavelengths to target specific areas and colours in the skins surface.


Different ink colours respond to different wavelengths, absorbing the light into the pigment breaking it down – This light exchange causes a thermal reaction, heating and combusting the ink rapidly into smaller particles.

This process causes a “frosting” effect on the skin, which is the breakdown of carbon from the ink and the releasing of carbon dioxide from the dermis.
These particles are then eliminated from your body via your bodies natural kick ass immune system (white blood cells and lymph nodes) excreting them out of your body through your ordinary everyday functions. (sweat, urination and excretion)





The Fotona QX Max laser machine is the leading technology system currently used in the laser industry. Its advanced light technology allows for removal of a broader spectrum of colours, while specific light target innovations mean treatments are safer and more effective.

The Fotona QX Max generates single nanosecond pulses, which have been proven most effective in eliminating pigment from the dermis.

At Lazer Erazer, we also use the Koolio Air Cooling System  for treatment comfort and pain reduction. The Koolio – Air cooling system expels a continuous cold flow – Much similar to the Icy cold flows in rapper Coolios, Gangsta’s Paradise…Dammnnn that's ice cold.