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Terms & Conditions

Test Patch

We offer free test patches! To book this service, please call/email your preferred studio and speak to a technician – test patch bookings are not available online. The purpose of a test patch is to treat a small section of a tattoo, monitor the results and determine if you’d like to proceed with a full treatment. Common reasons for wanting to undergo a test patch include concerns about skin type, cosmetic ink, pre-existing medical conditions or reactive medications. 


For laser treatments: Your deposit of $90 MUST be processed to complete your booking. This deposit fee allows you to secure your preferred date and time. Your deposit amount is taken out of your total session cost when we check out after your treatment. We know times are tough, so if $90 is too much to commit to in one hit, we can lower the fee to $50. This can only be done over the phone or in person, so consult with your technician about this. Please note that this deposit is set at our studio minimum price – this is not your total appointment cost. For an accurate quote on your piece, please speak to a technician for a consultation. 

For piercing procedures: When booking a piercing online, depending on the service, you may be asked to pay a small deposit fee (starting at $18). This fee covers just your service fee for a piercing, and will be taken out of your total package cost in-studio after jewellery and aftercare selections have been made. Please note that jewellery pieces range in price, and this deposit is not your total appointment cost.

Deposit Refunds

You will receive an automated message THREE DAYS before your appointment. Please use that day to reschedule or cancel your appointment if you can no longer make it. If you contact us within 48 hours of your upcoming appointment, this deposit is unfortunately non-refundable. This policy applies to laser treatments AND piercing appointments. Please keep an eye out for reminders as we don’t like doing this! 

If you experience extenuating/unforeseen circumstances that require you to reschedule/cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours until the appointment remaining, please call/email your studio as soon as possible and speak to your technician. Extenuating circumstances include but are not limited to: pregnancy; illness; injury; active infection; skin conditions; medications and chemotherapy. 


If you fail to attend your appointment on time, your technician will allow a 10 minute grace period of lateness before contacting you. If you are unable to be reached and you do not contact the studio that same day regarding your missed appointment, your deposit will be forfeited. Having to do this makes us sad – please communicate with your studio if something unforeseen arises so that we can best accommodate you. 


Please call your studio if you’re running late! Some days our studios are completely booked out and we cannot allow any wiggle room. If you arrive at your appointment 15-20 minutes overtime, we unfortunately could be forced to reschedule your appointment, which is disappointing all round. This is a service that cannot be rushed, and we prefer not to inconvenience those booked in after you. 

Appointment Duration

Booking a standard laser appointment allots you one 30 minute session. If we haven’t treated you before, and you are booking in for a large scale piece (i.e. entire sleeve, back piece, highly detailed work, multiple large tattoos), please give us a call or shoot us an email letting us know, so that we can book you an extended appointment. This allows us to ensure you have a great experience without inconveniencing the client booked in after you. Win-win! Extended appointments not available online. 

Managing Result Expectations

Congrats on getting through your laser tattoo removal treatment! This procedure does not (usually) provide ‘instant’ results. It can take up to 12 full weeks to see the results of each single session, so please refrain from becoming prematurely disheartened with your laser journey. Our seasoned technicians provide session estimates, photo comparisons and transparent home care advice to maximise results and minimise sessions needed, but this technology still requires time and patience.  

Early Arrivals

Arriving to your appointment 10 minutes early is great, as it allows you time to relax in our waiting area, fill out your consultation form, and prepare your skin for laser treatment (where applicable). Please do not arrive 30+ minutes early to your scheduled appointment expecting to be fit in early – we are flexible where time permits, but this is not always possible. 


Sometimes we all need a hand to hold! It’s okay to bring a close friend/partner to your laser appointment if you would really like some moral support. Please refrain from bringing your whole entourage, as our studios can get quite busy and we can only allow one extra person in the treatment room with you. 

Minors & Infants 

Laser treatments and piercing procedures are unfortunately not as kid-friendly as some beauty services, and staff are not usually available to mind your children during your session. For everyone’s safety, children/babies are not permitted in the treatment studios. Please keep this in mind when arranging your appointment, and take into consideration the age & independence of your child to minimise unexpected inconveniences on the day of your appointment.  

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