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Piercing Aftercare Advice

You did it! Congratulations on your new piercing – we hope you love it, and we thank you for choosing us to be part of your piercing journey.

The most painful part is over, now it’s up to you to treat your new adornment with the love and care it needs to succeed in life! Your body is an amazing thing and wants what is best for you, so the approach here is to let it do its thing but lend it a helping hand. The best way to do this is by applying the aftercare solution using the appropriate method for your piercing as advised by your piercer and following your dos and don’ts.

Thing to do:

  • Take care of yourself! Your healing journey will be heavily influenced by your lifestyle. We’ll never tell you how to live your life, but we will ask you to keep in mind that illicit drug and alcohol consumption can lengthen the healing time of your piercing. Let us know if you have any concerns related to your health and lifestyle!

  • An immune system that isn’t doing its best doesn’t mean you’re not suitable for a piercing, and your piercer will discuss a realistic aftercare plan and timeline tailored to you.


  • Change your bedding and towels regularly. The t-shirt over the pillow trick is a great one to utilise (ask us how!) and will minimise having to do excessive loads of laundry (yuck).


  • Please reach out to your piercer if you have any concerns. No question is a silly question when it comes to your health and safety! Infection requiring medical intervention is highly unlikely, however addressing this in a timely manner is always important.


Things not to do:

  • Touch, rotate or move your jewellery. This includes picking at any crusties!

  • Overclean! Your body’s beautiful immune system will do the heavy lifting for you, and there is no need to introduce harsh soaps, antiseptics, or ointments. The aftercare provided is very simple yet important, and your piercer is always happy to explain how these ingredients work for and with you! Always follow the aftercare plan your piercer has set out for you.

  • Change the jewellery too early! Disrupting your piercing before it has finished healing can reset the timer on your aftercare journey at best - and even cause rejection, displacement, and scarring. 

  • Restrict your piercing by covering it too tightly with clothing or accessories.

  • Leave topical agents on your piercing such as shampoo and conditioner, body wash, soaps, makeup etc.  This doesn’t mean discontinuing their use! Simply ensuring the piercing is rinsed/cleaned if it encounters such agents so there is no residue that builds in the area. 

  • Use unwashed clothing and linen.

  • Swim in chlorinated pools and spas. Saltwater pools are less abrasive on your piercing, however extra aftercare precautions apply.

  • For oral piercings – please avoid any activity that could introduce foreign fluids into the area, including sharing food/drink and intimacy.

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