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Why Choose Lazer Erazer?

What makes us different?

Lazer Erazer was founded in 2015, after an impersonal and uncomfortable experience with a laser technician left Jade feeling judged and embarrassed.
The clinic itself had an atmosphere that inspired the same anxiety as a visit to the dentist. The walls were cold, bare, and boring - and the technician had the personality to match.

She felt a complete lack of care around the journey she was about to commit to and the money she was paying for the privilege to do so. 

Determined to change the game, she started Lazer Erazer.

Probably much like most people, the first words that come to mind when thinking about laser tattoo removal are ‘fuck’ and ‘that’. You’ve probably spent hours in an internet rabbit hole of painful, unsafe and unprofessional methods and
experiences – not to mention a world of misinformation.
Nobody needs that, you’ve been through enough.

We pride ourselves on cutting through the BS and delivering the best possible results with science-backed treatment methods and years of experience - delivered by technicians who are educated in physiology, dermal sciences, beauty, and health.

The experience is less clinical vibes and far more interpersonal.
Come in, take a seat on our comfy couches.
Fire up the Sega or read a book, pop a record on the record player - our home is your home!

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