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Lazer Aftercare Advice

This page will guide you through your Lazer Erazer aftercare journey.
Proper aftercare is necessary to prevent infection, skin texture changes and other unwanted side effects.

Attentive aftercare is effective aftercare, as each individual isspecial and unique, the after effects can differ... The following is a brief discription of what to expect and how toget the best results. 

Aftercare breakdown

I’m so glad i did it. I’m so brave!It feels a little hot and swelly but otherwise it’s not bad.

DAY 15-21
My tattoo is still there!! Also why is it still itchy?

DAY 2-5
It’s so swollen, sore, blistered and bruised. Should i be concerned? Is this normal? Should i go to the doc?

DAY 22-30
My tattoo is healed and is starting to fade out slowly. I can see the ink disappearing.

DAY 7-14
Ewwwwwwww - It’s healing but it’s so itchy and flakey.

It’s faded so much over time. I’m ready to do it all again.

What the hell is happening

Tattoo ink inhabits the second layer of skin known as the ‘dermis’. Because the lazer penetrates to this deeper layer, a superficial skinburn is formed, similar to heavy sunburn. Some patients may experience bruising, swelling or blistering. This can develop within 8-72 hours and may last 1-2 weeks.


Don’t be alarmed. Blisters are soft little pillows of sterile fluid protecting the underlying skin. They are your body’s very own bandaid. Indicating that your immune system is kicking ass. A blister should only ever be punctured if you feel it is restricting your circulation. Blisters can be covered with a non stick wrap. Lazer Erazer will have already done this. Keep the sterile water resistant bandages on for 3-5 days to avoid further injury. This is the lazy legends aftercare. When wounds become infected it isn’t your body doing anything wrong, it’s the outside world coming in. If your bandage falls off don’t stress. Either re-wrap it with something from the chemist or for a more cost effective alternative - Use cling wrap. keep it covered until the blister scabs over.

Tips & tricks

ICE, ice baby - Apply an ice pack, or old fashioned frozenpeas (covered in an absorbent towel) for 10 mins, then removefor 10 mins. Repeat for 4-8 hours.

Once the bandage is off - Clean the area daily with a PH balanced soap/antibacterial soap in a cool low water pressure.

Apply your favourite aftercare cream. Either an aloe-vera, tea-tree blend or a coconut oil/vitamin e cream. Vitamin Ecapsules (that you ingest) broken onto the area is grouse for skin cell regeneration.

Water is your bff - Drink as much h20 as possible to avoid dehydration. If you want to have a shandy or two go for it. Just make sure your body is hydrated, as alcohol is a dehydrating agent.

Don’t smoke! - Funnily enough, you’ll get better results if you don’t put toxins in your blood stream.

Avoid excessive heat for 48 hours this includes hot baths/showers, saunas, (watching cops), no sun exposure for 2 weeks, exercise is generally safe - Extra fries are safer, AVOID getting sweat orother bodily fluids on the area for 48 hours.

Avoid oils and perfumes which can cause irritation. Make sure your clothing and bed linen are clean. Avoid hot tubs and pool parties,or any form of soaking in chlorine/contained bodies of water. Wait until area is completely scabbed over.

It’s common to develop an itching sensation - This is a sign of healing. Do not pick or scratch, scarring will occur.

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