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A Love Letter

From Jade LOUISE

Before I was a laser removal technician, I was a laser removal client. One thing I found was consistent with my procedures... I was unhappy. 
Not only with the treatment I received, but with the way that other technicians viewed both my body and the process of laser treatment itself. I’m a person, not a dollar sign, and I’ve always disliked being treated as such.

I started out in the body modification industry as a body piercer. I grew up with the mentality that your body is something that you should both have fun with but always take care of. This approach to modification meant I always strived to help others reach their goals regarding their appearance, in a way that wouldn’t negatively affect their health.

My experience in the modification industry would prove to become something much bigger, as I started to do more research into the science of the human body, particularly the biology behind it. 


This ultimately led to the birth of Lazer Erazer.

I know I’m not the only one who is walking around with tattoos that may not have been the wisest decisions of my life. I also know that having the option to rectify these decisions gave me a new outlook on how I could once again modify my body into an aesthetic I was pleased with.

This is an outlook that I wanted to bring into other peoples lives- a way to help boost self-esteem, bring about confidence and help people achieve emotional and physical freedom.


I wanted to change the view of laser tattoo removal.
By taking away the connotations of fear and pain, and build a warm and inviting environment in a radical studio safe and inclusive space where anyone could walk in and feel at home, free from judgment.

I wanted my studio to break free from this- laser removal is serious, and you have to be responsible and know what you’re doing- but it doesn’t have to be boring.
I mean, come on… they’re freakin’ lasers.

I want people to come to me and not feel like they have to change how they act because of the nature of this profession. Stay rad! Be you. Play Nintendo. (I totally have one.) This is my home and I love it, and I want others to feel the same.

As a technician, as a human- I pride myself in being
genuine and sincere, offering the highest level of care tailored to each individual that walks through my studio door. Its not just about making a living, its about making new friendships.

If you think Lazer Erazer is for you, I can’t wait to meet you and start our epic journey to whatever it is you wish to achieve. Thank you for reading.


     Jade Louise

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