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How to prepare for a laser tattoo removal session

Two weeks before your Laser treatment.

Try to avoid sun exposure to the soon-to-be treated area. Do as the Aussies do – SLIP, SLOP, SLAP! The less melanin (tan) in the skin the easier it is for the laser to target the tattoo ink. Cover the area with a high SPF sunblock for at least two weeks prior. Consult Lazer Erazer with any questions or concerns about this before treatment. Fake tan, spray tans and gradual tanning lotions are also best kept on the shelf two weeks prior, or just leave a 2cm gap around your undesirable tattoo. If these products have been used, its not the end of the world, you just have homework! Gently scrub the tattoo site with hot soapy water once a day for a week leading up to treatment.

Discuss the use of any medications you might be on before treatment, if you are on photosensitizing drugs like Roaccutane or medications that could be a contraindication, please let Lazer Erazer know.

Call for a Free Consult over the phone and this can all be discussed.

On the day of laser ☺ don’t be afraid.

First things first, I’m the realest. Second things first, ice is your new best friend.

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to ice the area on your way to your appointment for a minimum of 15 minutes. This not only numbs the skin, it also helps with the healing process. A sterile ice pack is ideal but if you’re anything like me and not nearly adult enough to have an icepack in your freezer at home, a pack of old-fashioned frozen peas does the trick! Never fear if you don’t have any of those either, Lazer Erazer has icepacks available for you upon arrival.

During your session, a medical-grade cooling machine will be used on the area to reduce pain and blistering. This machine is called Koolio – Consider him your second best friend, as he will help to alleviate any burning sensation. The way laser works is by generating short, high intensity pulses of light into the dermis where the tattoo sits and it feels a bit like a little rubber band flicking on your skin. This laser process breaks down the ink into small enough particles that your body can expel it through your everyday bodily functions. Rad, huh?

If you’re feeling a little bit nervous about the process and the pain involved, Emla Topical numbing cream is highly recommended as the most affordable and accessible numbing cream available on the market from most chemists. Exfoliate or shave the area, this will remove all dead skin cells and hair to give the cream a clear passageway to your dermis. Apply this cream on thick to the area 2 hours prior to your session – no less than 2 hours, though the chemist may tell you differently – then wrap in some cling wrap, making sure it is airtight with no interferences. Those who use a numbing cream experience less discomfort during the procedure, taking the pain from around a 10 to a 5. If you’re a tough cookie you should be all right without it. Just know the option is always there ☺

Incase your nerves are peaking do whatever you feel will chill the stress. Same to be said for painkillers, ibuprofen or whatever is your preferred poison – as long as you’re 95% coherent, we won’t tell mum. The healthier your lifestyle is and the more h2o you drink, the easier and faster it will be for your body to rid of all that unwanted tattoo. Water also helps with the swelling process. The key is to take in fewer toxins so the immune system can concentrate solely on the tattoo, but we are all individuals and it is not mandatory for you to change your habits. After your treatment, a custom-made aftercare plan will be tailored for you, you little snowflake! ☺


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