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My segway into Laser tattoo removal was having a work history with founder of Lazer Erazer, Jade. Jade approached me while my career decisions were on standby and she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Since then I’ve studied Laser Safety, Pigmentation and Tattoo Laser Removal while undergoing comprehensive training at Lazer Erazer HQ Collingwood - My passion for Laser, skin science and all thing’s body mods is ever-growing.


Some of my favourite things about laser are, having the occasional laugh tattoo regrets working alongside a team of skilful women and most importantly ‘YOU’ the client. I LOVE meeting new people with a story to tell, listening to the tales of the tattoos whilst most importantly achieving speedy and positive results after each visit. The most satisfying part of the job is having clients trust and confide in myself and have them return happy and relieved by the outcome of laser removal.


Tattoo removal is painful, but my philosophy is to make it as safe, fun and comfortable as humanly possible. Every visit is one step closer to feeling yourself completely again and I’m here to make that happen. Come in and show me your tattoo regrets and I'll show you mine.




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Hey I’m Tay, and I’m one of the Lazer babes you’ll meet in the studio!


I have been collecting tattoos and modifying my body for years now, which certainly comes with the odd regret. I heard about the magic of Lazer Erazer in 2016 and have been a removal client ever since.


I am a huge skin nerd and a trained Beauty Therapist who made the recent jump to becoming a Laser Technician. Yes, I shoot literal laser beams for a living! Cool right!? I love all things skin and science so when I learnt I could merge those worlds together, I had to join the team @ Lazer Erazer.


I have a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and certificates in Laser Safety and Tattoo Pigment. I have also completed intensive training alongside the founder of LE herself. I understand that laser can be a little scary and painful, so creating a warm and welcoming space for you, sweet Zapper, is especially important to me!


The special thing about removing your tattoos is hearing your story and giving you the space to reclaim your confidence and body. I work alongside a team of smart and strong women who are ready to educate you within the world of laser and achieve those removal goals. Come down and share your regrets with us at our sweet home on Smith Street, Collingwood. I cannot wait to meet and treat you!




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Hello!! My name is Mon, and I am a full-time laser technician at the Brunswick Lazer Erazer studio!

Tattoo removal had caught my interest as I love tattoos and all things beauty related. I had previously worked in a medical setting and have been doing makeup artistry for 10 years. I thought it was time to try my steady left hand at something new in an industry I am passionate about. I got my foot through the door simply by asking my tattooist how I should go about getting into tattoo removal and she told me to contact Jade (the founding mummy of Lazer Erazer). Jade ended up training me a week later! I've been in love with tattoo removal ever since <3 

My education background includes a diploma of makeup services which delved into skin theory as well as the beauty side of things. I have my laser safety certification, CPR + first aid training, and a certificate in Tattoo and Pigment removal done through the Aesthetics and Skin Institute. My certificate IV in youth work helped me enhance my interpersonal skills that I feel are important in supporting and holding space for clients going through their removal process. Tattoo removal can be such a daunting time, but also super liberating. 


I feel so lucky that every day I get to meet clients who inspire me through their strength and perseverance shown through stories and dedication to get something that was once meant to be permanent, to be removed <3 



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Hey I’m Tex!!

After leaving the Northern Rivers and travelling around Europe, I returned and settled in the inner north and I couldn’t be happier or love this community more!

I have always worked closely with clients, and I wanted to continue that element of my career while transitioning into a new industry.

I got this opportunity when Lazer Erazer founder Jade reached out me to join the lazer ladies as part of the new team taking LE to the next level via its expansion.

I have always been interested in peoples stories, and my favourite part about laser is becoming part of that story and helping our clients on their laser journey – helping people remove their regrets and giving them the space to take on a new chapter of themselves and their lives.

Lazer Erazer is the perfect environment for that to me, because it is all inclusive of all types of people, and celebratory of their pasts and their futures.


Tex ❤

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Hi, I’m Stacie, and you can talk to me and my son (this plant) whenever you like!


I started my body piercing journey as a fresh-faced baby 19 year old. That’s 15 years back in time - with ten years active in the game!


Why did I choose to start body piercing? Because I was a big emo in a small country town, and as such it was a ~very~ cool thing to do. My motivation, however, soon changed. 


As the years went on, I found myself in the privileged position of being part of other people’s body and lifestyle affirming journeys. Sometimes it’s for aesthetic purposes - helping someone feel like an 80’s vampire bad ass, or a little pixie sprinkled in fairy dust. Sometimes, it’s because someone has had a shift in their life and altering or highlighting these parts of themselves helps them step into the next stage of who they want to be and how they want to present themselves to the world. 

Being a part of this is so special, and having people feel they can share their stories around these topics is just stunning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always this way - sometimes it’s just pure fun! For no real reason at all - party!

I’ve never been shy of a yarn, and I love a challenge - including helping people map out their piercing ideas and encouraging them to think outside the box! 

I’ve learned a lot on this decade long journey and love sharing that knowledge and care, so come on in for a little chat any time 💘



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Hey! I’m Caitlyn, Preston’s local laser nerd! You’ll find me cruising around the Northland and Brunswick studios.


I grew up in Queensland and have since made Melbourne my home. I’m a Diploma qualified Beauty Therapist, with additional, specialised certifications in the science, safety and success of laser tattoo removal. When I’m not zappin’ tats, you might find me getting lost on a hike or having a boogie at a local gig. 


As a tattoo collector, I understand how experiences in white lab coat clinics can leave people feeling judged for their lifestyle. When I started my career in beauty, I knew there was a place in the industry for people like me - Lazer Erazer IS that for so many of us. 


Hindsight’s 20/20 baby! Come as you are and we can transform your oopsie daisies into radical self-love. 


Your body; your appointment; your way or the highway.




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Hey, I'm Ver!

I have been a body piercer with Punktured since 2021! Body piercing allows me to meet SO many cool individuals and genuinely just have a great time in the studio, and you get to walk out with some extra bling 😊

My journey into piercing was an unexpected one – I grew up a Catholic School girl in Cairns before moving to the big city for study and work as a personal trainer. I finished my degree in graphic design, had the typical early 20’s what-am-I-doing crisis and started work at Off Ya Tree. A sh*tload of piercings and a few tattoos later, here we are loving life!

One of the best parts of my job is helping people find their personal style through body jewellery and decoration. I’m always down to help you out with some awesome new piercings – I am well practiced in all standard piercings, industrials, surface and dermal piercings. Please also come see me if you want something unique or a bit obscure, I’d love to work with you and help you to achieve it!

When I’m not at work, I am usually with my dog BearBear, the love of my life. Please ask me about her – I will show you photos! <3



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