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lazer erazer?

what makes

us different?


The talented Jade Louise founded Lazer Erazer in 2015, after an impersonal and uncomfortable experience with a laser technician left her feeling judged and embarrassed. The clinic itself had a vibe about as welcoming as a dentist surgery and a technician with the personality to match. Bare walls, nothing to do while she waited and what felt like no care about the pain she was about to experience or the money she was about to pay for it. Getting laser from someone without any tattoos just seems insincere to the client. Determined to change the game, she started Lazer Erazer.


The idea was simple – take an experience that is super crummy and make it memorable in the right way. Jade’s personality is splayed out all over her Collingwood shop and it’s immediately the most comforting space you can imagine. The A-Z of Prince book is right next to the book of not giving a fuck and a dolphin printed ‘before and after’ book filled with stickers and photos of strangers’ past regrets. Everything about it is absolutely perfect and everything is right in the world.

Probably much like most people, the first words that come to mind when I think about laser tattoo removal are ‘fuck’ and ‘that’. It’s painful, it’s expensive and it can be really embarrassing showing someone your self-inflicted permanent stamp of shame. You’ve looked up so many horrible images of failed laser attempts on Google, watched videos of people using expensive creams that don’t have any proof of working, and most disturbingly, videos of ‘technicians’ who seem under-qualified, unprofessional and looking like Dr Villain. Nobody needs that; you’ve been through enough.


Jade is different to the others. The experience with her is less clinical vibes and far more personal. The environment is exposed brick, luscious and green and she even lets you play an OG Nintendo ‘64 while you wait. Not to mention the all-round aesthetic of the store is pretty much every inner child’s wet dream. If you’re brave enough to pull out your best-worst tattoo, she’ll show you hers. It’s the perfect experience to gear you up for a super shitty one – sorry, but while she can numb you up and blow Koolio all over you, it will still be about a 5/10 uncomfy time. Just like the kitten on the infamous poster, ‘just hang in there’ ☺

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