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This will help Lazer Erazer establish if we can realistically get you in for a consult/test patch prior to initial treatment. If not, dont stress, we can conduct the entire consultation process by phone. :)

Describe where your tattoo is. Ie. Right forearm, left buttocks cheek, above my eyebrow. If you have more than one regret tell Lazer Erazer about that too. :)

Ie. Black, Red, Pink, Green, Magenta, White, Yellow, Skittles taste the rainbow.

ie. 2 yrs old, 5 yrs old. If your tattoo is brand new, we wont be able to start laser treatment until its completely healed. This can take upto 3-8 months. The older the tattoo the better laser will be received. :)

Are you opting for cover up?
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Upload File or Photo
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Thank you for submitting! Check your inbox for a confirmation email. Lazer Erazer will be in touch as soon as possible :)

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